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August 19 2014

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Pictured is an automotive painting robot at work. Brad Palmer of Dennison TX designed the control systems that make this type of robot work on an assembly line, increasing production speed and efficiency.
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Pictured here is an automotive assembly line. Each component functions via a PLC relay, demonstrating the usefulness of the PLC operating system when used in a proper manner. Brad Palmer of Dennison, TX is an expert in PLC programming.
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Here is a completed field installation, showing the complexities of an onsite installation that controls various automated controls and machines. The installation was managed by Brad Palmer of Dennison TX.
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Control Solutions and Automation Inc. does custom control panels that are overseen by our experienced Service Manager, Brad Palmer of Dennison TX. Each component is unique and tailored to the client’s preferences.
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Control Solutions and Automation Inc. offers custom automation designs. This is a control panel created and installed by our experienced Service Manager, Brad Palmer of Dennison TX. Every component is perfectly crafted.
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This is an aluminum extrusion press. Brad Palmer of Dennison TX oversaw the installation of this project, ensuring perfection through his extensive knowledge and years of experience in PLC programming.
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This picture shows the visual programs Cognex, Keyance, and Omron all in use. Brad Palmer of Dennison TX is a pro at installing and maintaining these complex laser measurement systems.
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